Welcome to DMM Underground – Your Number One Dentist Finder

Ever found yourself in a new city or foreign country, with a dental emergency and no idea where to go? DMM Underground can help you.

DMM Underground stands for ‘Dental Matters Most’, which is what we truly believe. Noone should have to suffer through bad dental service, even when they’re away from home.

This is why we created DMM Underground so that you can find the best dentists wherever you are.¬†Simply get in contact with us, and we’ll put you through to the leading dentistry and orthadontic firms in your area.

Essentially, we like to think of ourselves as dental superheros – there’s no place too small or too remote, we’ll always find you a safe pair of hands.

What Makes for a Good Dentist?

No one wants to take risks with their teeth – they’re too important. Moreover, bad dentistry can have serious repercussions which can leave you in pain both in the short term and the long run.

This is why you should always take the time to find a quality dentist, or simply get in touch with us and we’ll do the hard work for you.

In our eyes, aside from excellent qualifications from top dental schools, a good dentist should have the following qualities:

  • A Sanitary and Clean Office – All of the dentists we recommend here at DMM Underground have passed health and safety checks for their offices. As such, you can rest assured that you won’t be putting yourself at risk of infections and germs.
  • A Good Communicator and Listener¬†– All good dentists should actively listen to you when you explain your problems and issues. What’s more, they should take the time to make sure you are comfortable, and fully understand, the treatment your about to receive. This is why, at DMM Underground, we will only ever recommend dentists who can communicate in your native language.
  • Respectful of Your Time and Budget – If you’re away from home and in urgent need of dental care, the chances are you may not have access to a large budget, or much time to spare. Luckily for you, DMM Underground can help put you in contact with a dentist who can treat you as soon as possible and who will inform you of all prices upfront.